Mathias Minquet
Mathias Minquet : Studio & Performer Guitarist

Photographer Abyme Project: Ana-Paula Villarino
Photo performer: Moana Avvenenti
Photo gigs and news: Ambre Viaud

Management: Iwannart
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French/Argentinean guitarist Mathias is an accomplished musician in various genres with diplomas both from the Sorbonne in Paris and Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has been a sideman for Enrique Iglesias, Laura Pausini, the Pussycats Dolls, Michael McDonald. More recently he has been playing with persian artist Shadmehr Aghili performing in venues such as the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles or Verizon theater in Dallas. In another genre, Mathias has toured for 2 years with Gypsy Jazz artist George Cole.

After working one year in Paris as a Classical Music Content Manager at Believe Digital, Mathias has now settled in Los Angeles, where apart from his sideman work with pop acts, he works as an orchestra pit musician.

Mathias's first album "The Abyme Project" came out, a music crossing genres mixing Jazz, Rock, Classical music and musical theater… 

Juggling between Jazz, Rock, Gypsy, Mathias is a unique and original artist.


In 2009, Mathias received the Harris Stanton Award for outstanding guitarist and the Guitar Department Achievement Award in 2010 and 2011.

Treading the line between Jazz, Rock and Classical music Mathias is a different guitarist.

“Mathias demonstrates astonishing technique technical virtuosity and great musical subtlety in equal measure.” Tom Lewis, head of A&R of Decca.

“Mathias is both an incredibly talented musician and charming young 

man” Darren Henderson, Head of Compass Managment

“…However it is his talent as a guitarist, which makes him truly outstanding, covering every style from Steve Vai to Django Reinhart, and everywhere in between. His playing was authentic and accomplished, and occasionally astonishing. He is a pleasure to record and always ahead of the game.” Steve christian, Producer.

“you have such a sincere stage presence that made listeners feel very comfortable which also tells us that you are comfortable with your instrument” Tiger Okoshi, Berklee faculty.

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