Mathias Minquet
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Photographer Abyme Project: Ana-Paula Villarino
Photo performer: Moana Avvenenti
Photo gigs and news: Ambre Viaud

Management: Iwannart
Management d’artiste


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The Abyme Project crosses all music boundaries; a fusion of opposite genres ranging from Jazz to Rock, from Classical music to Musical Theater…

The Abyme Project
originated in the halls of Berklee College of Music, where different performers from all around the world gathered under the direction of composer/guitarist Mathias Minquet. The artists hail from the United States, Argentina, Canada, France, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Palestine, Taiwan... every player brings his own personality. Only one rule: emotion first.

French/Argentinean guitarist-composer, Mathias Minquet Villarino is an accomplished and exceedingly talented musician with diplomas both from the Sorbonne in Paris and Berklee College of Music in Boston. Prior to his studies in the US, his wide-ranging musical experience included performing with Enrique Iglesias, Laura Pausini, and the Pussycat Dolls. After his first semester in Boston, he was selected by Decca – Universal recording label to be part of a new international jazz act presented as the reunion of the finest new talents in the world, selected over a one year long audition process in several countries. This project took Mathias to London where the band toured and recorded with producer Steve Christian.

All these experiences allowed Mathias to demonstrate a wide-ranging base of knowledge and skilled mastery of many styles.

Mathias is a world-class, uniquely gifted talent.

Gear on the Abyme Project album:



Fender Stratocaster Eric Johnson model, maple fingerboard

Fender Stratocaster 57 reissue custom shop, rosewood fingerboard

Vigier Excalibur

classical guitar Casteluccia

Acoustic Martin D-28

12 strings acoustic



Mesa Boogie Mark V head with Mesa Boogie cabinet

Kustom coupe 36



Fulltone OCD overdrive

Full tone Wah

T-rex replica delay


Recording notes:

- On Let’s do it solo: the rhythm part and the solo were recorded on the same track live with the drums, bass and piano, with my Eric Johnson Strat. That’s the first take on the album; the other instruments were rerecorded after. The amp was set up with a big crunch sound, and for the solo I just added the OCD and the Wah. The other rhythm track was played with the 57 Strat.

- On the songs were I tried to emulate the sound of Brian May (like the solo on Fuddy Duddy), I just plugged my Vigier straight into the Mesa Boogie Mark V, with the Mesa EQ set up mid boost. I also tried with the Wah blocked in one position but I forgot which take was kept in the end…